Fogtec - Fire Protection

From our newsletter in June 2021:

Mobile Fog-/ Foam-Systems

Mobile Systems

FOGTEC mobile systems have been successfully used by fire departments and in industry worldwide for decades. The stand-alone extinguishing units for generating water mist and foam, which are operated with pure water or with an admixture of biodegradable additives, fight solid and liquid fires effectively with only minimal water consumption.

The heart of the system is the standard-setting and patented FOGGUN extinguishing gun. This can be combined with a special foam pipe that is simple to attach to the FOGGUN. The result is a particularly fine extinguishing mist with high penetrating power or a high-quality foam similar to compressed air foam systems. Freely selectable different spray patterns enable the emergency services to fight fires quickly and efficiently. Due to the compact design of the systems, they can be easily installed in fire engines or on pickup trucks.

Efficient fire protection with water mist for glass facades

Fire protection requirements often limit the design possibilities of architects and planners when constructing or converting buildings. FOGTEC’s specially developed and patented water mist system, combines structural and plant fire protection, while enabling transparent, architecturally sophisticated, and, at the same time, cost-effective solutions. The FOGTEC water mist curtain, enhances escape routes along the glazing and increases the resistance of the glazing, whilst providing a shield from heat radiation through the glass generated by a fire.

The Landesklinikum Thermenregion Baden near Vienna in Austria, where the glass facades are protected with a FOGTEC system, is a good example of this.

Areas with high structural fire protection requirements, special demands on aesthetics and transparency, and buildings with large glass surfaces are predestined for the use of this technology.

Landesklinikum Baden

“Best poster award” by ISTSS for FOGTEC’s Tunnel-Team


The scientific committee of the 9th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS) awarded FOGTEC’s Tunnel Team with the best poster award. The publication gives an overview on the ‘Current status of international tunnel standards and guidelines for water-based Fixed Fire Fighting Systems’, which was presented online by Tim Usner, Specialist for Tunnel Systems.

The most relevant standards and guidelines are NFPA 502, UPTUN R251 Engineering Guidance, RVS 09.02.51 (Austria), EABT 80/100 (Germany), SOLIT Engineering Guideline, PIARC practices and recommendations, as well as CD 352 (United Kingdom).

From our newsletter in May 2021:

Water mist protection for lithium-ion batteries

As one of the market leaders for fire protection systems regarding Li-ion batteries, FOGTEC offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions for the automotive industry, battery storage, warehouses, production areas and parking garages.

Thanks to years of research and development specifically focused on the field of new energy sources, including the SUVEREN research project, FOGTEC can draw on particularly extensive experience and terabytes of real data from fire tests.

In order to be able to offer the optimal concept/product for fire fighting of lithium-ion batteries’ fires, various detection and fire fighting systems as well as extinguishing media have been tested, optimized and compared with each other.

In addition, a large number of measurements of heat release rates and gas emissions in battery fires were carried out on a 1:1 scale.

FOGTEC has already developed and supplied detection and fire suppression systems in connection with Li-ion batteries for various projects at automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers in Germany and abroad. These are used, for example, in climate chambers, climate containers for electric vehicles, warehouses and production areas.

Particular challenges are posed by the complexity of the protected risks, such as climate chambers, as well as the high energy density of lithium-ion batteries. For this purpose, special and newly developed nozzle types are used, which emerged from the SUVEREN research project.


Growing numbers of rail vehicles in North America with FOGTEC fire protection systems


FOGTEC fire detection and high-pressure water mist systems have already been in use since 2010 in New Jersey Transit's ALP 45 dual-power locomotives and later for AMT in Montreal. Since then, the number of FOGTEC Rail fire protection systems installed has grown steadily in North America. Recent projects utilizing FOGTEC's broad portfolio of fire detection and suppression systems include regional and commuter trains for Ottawa, TEXRail's Fort Worth to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Philadelphia, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) in California. The Broadmoor Manitou & Pikes Peak Cog Railway is also receiving fire protection systems from FOGTEC with its new cog rail cars and has also received a new snow blower car that was also protected with FOGTEC. The Rocky Mountaineer's new panoramic double-decker cars are also protected with FOGTEC, and the Los Angeles Metro will soon receive the first of the new HR4000 series of subway cars, the first in the U.S. to be equipped with high-pressure water mist systems to protect the passenger compartment - from FOGTEC.

The steady increase in references and local applications in the North American market is directly related to the company's continuous local commitment, the ability to adapt the FOGTEC portfolio to local requirements, while taking advantage of the many benefits and unique selling points of FOGTEC products developed specifically for rail vehicles.

Hospital for women & children in Lanzhou city, Gansu Province, northwest China

Gansu women & children's hospital is under construction, with a building area of 380,000 square meters and 2,300 beds. It will be the largest hospital for women and children in Northwest China. This building will be a modern medical and health care complex integrating medical treatment, health care, epidemic prevention, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching.

The entire building will be protected by a FOGTEC water mist system; this includes three huge power substation rooms and their cable inter-layers, all the X-ray rooms, CT rooms, Linear Accelerator equipment, archive rooms, server switch rooms, UPS rooms. More than 800 nozzles and 48 section valves will be installed.

Gansu Hospital2

From our newsletter in April 2021:

New Energies at ISP Salzbergen - Battery test benches / battery test chambers


As the European market leader, ISP is expanding its engine and vehicle test benches to meet the requirements in the sector of e-mobility. With an investment of up to 60 million Euros in a new test field for battery modules and battery packs, ISP is opening up a forward-looking business area. The new battery test centre will offer everything from performance and lifetime tests to environmental tests also as safety and abuse tests for hybrid and electric vehicles.

FOGTEC has developed, and is currently installing, a high-pressure water mist system for more than 30 climate chambers. In addition, four battery warehouses, separated from each other in terms of fire protection, are being protected also by a FOGTEC high-pressure water mist system.

The complexity of the climate chambers and the high energy density of the stored lithium-ion batteries pose particular challenges. For this purpose, special and newly developed nozzle types are used, which are the result of the SUVEREN research project.

Stadler subway Berlin with FOGTEC smoke aspiration system

Stadler was able to win one of the largest tenders in Europe for the delivery of up to 1,500 J/JK type cars for the Berlin transport authority. Particular attention was paid to maintainability and life cycle costs in this project and we are all the more pleased that a FOGTEC smoke aspiration system was chosen. With the RAS 7532, FOGTEC sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness and performance and provides a very good basis for 40 years of operation. The first vehicles are scheduled for completion as early as 2022.


From our newsletter in March 2021:

Full Scale Fire Tests for Los Angeles Metro carried out successfully


Los Angeles Metro have ordered a new fleet of metro trains for the Red and Purple Lines. These new metro cars are being equipped with a fire detection and suppression system from FOGTEC.

To validate the effectiveness of the suppression, fire tests according to the ARGE Guidelines were successfully carried out. A full-scale sectional mock-up of a metro car was built at the fire testing facility in Germany. Eight separate tests were performed to cover different fire and suppression scenarios. One of the test fires uses a burning packed travel bag placed beneath the seating. The water mist suppression is activated after fire has been allowed to develop for at least one minute.

The tests show that the water mist successfully suppresses the fire, reducing the heat in the direct proximity of the fire, preventing it from developing and thus maintaining a tenable environment.

The LA Metro HR4000 trains are the first ever, new metro vehicles in the USA to have water mist suppression installed.

Bahá’í World Centre in Acre, Israel

The Bahá'í gardens in Haifa and Acre are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008 and are open to pilgrims and visitors from all over the world. The Bahá'í World Centre is home to a number of sacred sites of the followers of Bahaism, a religion that emerged in the 19th century based on the teachings of Bahāʾullāh.

One of these sites is the Bahá'í World Centre Building in Acre. In order to preserve and protect the historic structure of this late 19th century building, the customer decided to replace the entire electrical system and install a fire protection system.

The FOGTEC-system was designed to protect the attic, the first floor, and storage rooms at the ground level. The pump system was installed in a small room, which it fits inside perfectly, like a glove.

Bahai World Center

From our newsletter in February 2021:

Extensive renovation work on supply tunnels at Frankfurt University Hospital

Uniklinik FFM

The University Hospital Frankfurt is investing in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly future!

The tunnel system which is being renovated extends over a total length of approx. 180 meters. Energy efficiency will be improved through sealing and thermal insulation measures as well as the renewal of the technical building equipment, and safety for hospital staff and patients will be increased through renovations of the fire protection systems.

For this purpose, FOGTEC has designed a high-pressure water mist firefighting system for partial areas, which also contributes to the improvement of sustainability due to its very low water consumption as well as a long service life. A particular challenge is the current installation during ongoing clinic operations with goods and personnel traffic, which FOGTEC can ensure through many years of experience in similar projects, even in compliance with the current, strict hygiene regulations.

Fire detection systems for new design of Indian railway coaches

Indian Railways recently rolled out its first AC 3-tier economy class coach which is being touted by the ministry to be “synonymous with the most reasonable and best AC travel in the world”.

Many innovations like an improved design of seats and tables have been incorporated in the design of the coach. The high voltage electric switchgear presently installed on board has been shifted below the under-frame, thereby increasing the passenger capacity introducing 11 additional berths. There is also improved fire safety by ensuring compliance to the world benchmark of EN45545-2 HL3 for materials, thus meeting the high requirements of the new fire protection standard.

FOGTEC India, together with it´s local partners, has installed the fire detection system on the first trial coach as per the RDSO specification and subsequently for 248 such coaches are planned during the current and next fiscal year based on FOGTEC´s fully EN 50155 approved smoke aspiration system 7532. Implementation of a fire detection system on coaches provides life safety for passengers and operational continuity. This contract follows the successful closure of the complete approval processes for FOGTEC´s fire detection system as per the latest revision of the RDSO specification by the Indian railway authority.

Indian Railways

From our newsletter in January 2021:

FOGTEC‘s Pick Up Truck at the Berlin Fire Brigade


Germany's largest fire brigade is testing and operating FOGTEC’s extinguishing technology for mobile use.

FOGTEC gave fire brigade officer candidates of the Berlin fire brigade an initial overview of fire fighting with high-pressure water mist in the form of a presentation, as well as a live demonstration with our pick-up.

The vehicle has a water mist and foam pump unit combined with a 500 l water tank. The water mist gun (FOGGUN), which was developed for different fire behaviours, can be used to create different types of extinguishing mist and spray patterns. Furthermore, a particularly high-quality and environmentally friendly low expansion foam can be added for particular fire types at the push of a button. Up to two FOGGUN extinguishing guns with different types of spray can be operated simultaneously.

During the first 1.5 years of basic technical training at the school, the students study, among other things, a module on systems engineering. In this context, the professional handling of high-pressure water mist systems is also included in the training.

Water mist system for award winning trains

The regional rail network in Victoria, Australia, will be equipped with 18 new VLocity trains from Bombardier. For these trains, a FOGTEC system will be used as protection in the catering areas, based on FOGTEC's well-known high-pressure water mist system. The trains are a mix of wide and standard gauge vehicles, making this the first time VLocity trains have run on standard gauge tracks through Victoria. The new design of the standard gauge vehicles includes comfortable long-distance seats, built-in USB chargers, six overhead luggage racks and overhead luggage storage, a modern catering facility and six wheelchair spaces with companion seats in close proximity.

Bombardier's VLocity platform was recognised by GOOD DESIGN® in the Automotive and Transportation categories for Best Interior Design and achieved an overall Gold award.

Rail Station Australia

Protection of the second Pudong Archive in Shanghai


After successfully operating the FOGTEC system to protect the first Pudong Archive building since 2005, FOGTEC has received an order to install a FOGTEC water mist system for further archive buildings as well. The Shanghai Pudong Archive contains modern, multifunctional spaces that comprehensively document the history of the Pudong district. It contains open exhibition spaces where selected topics on the city's history and development are presented to the public.

In addition to the archive area itself, some electrical equipment rooms and the control room are protected. The archive operator opted for FOGTEC water mist technology because it ensures optimum fire protection with the least amount of water. This not only effectively fights the fire in the event of a fire, but also minimises water damage to sensitive objects such as books, documents and letters.

From our newsletter in November 2020:

H-Bahn Shanghai - German monorail technology in China

H-Bahn Shanghai schmal

In light of the rapid development of rail-guided mass transit, various types of monorail vehicle systems based on imported technology have recently emerged in China. The great advantage of these system solutions is the very small space requirement and the possibility for a very fast integration into the infrastructure, which is an enormous advantage over other solutions for local public transport, especially in China´s major cities.

As part of a technology transfer, the German H-Bahn system has now also been taken over by Chinese companies in order to further develop and use it, among others, for the Baoshan project in Shanghai. In Germany, this system is known from applications at Düsseldorf Airport and Dortmund University. However, the H-Bahn and other monorail or suspended railroads all have the same challenge: in the event of a fire on the track, passengers can hardly escape from the suspended vehicle. The Chinese users on site also see a solution to this point as absolutely essential.

In order to control such a scenario resulting from the risk analysis, the Chinese manufacturers rely on the use of FOGTEC water mist technology, which has already been used in many projects to compensate for potential risks. As has been proven in full scale fire tests, the use of high-pressure water mist technology on board minimizes the danger to passengers, as the fire is brought under control in the shortest possible time until the train reaches the next station or the passengers can be evacuated in another way.

Accordingly, the test vehicle for the first pilot line is already being equipped with a FOGTEC fire protection system based on the Series 1000 fire detection system - and the approved FOGTEC water mist technology.

From our newsletter in October 2020:

Water Mist at Codelco Ventanas Plant in Chile

Codelco Ventanas groß

Codelco Ventanas (DVEN), being a copper smelter and refinery plant in Chile, attaches great attention to employees and environmental safety as business continuity. High risk areas, such as substations, process control rooms, electrical rooms, cable tunnels and fuel storage areas are already protected by automatic fire protection systems.

DVEN is currently developing initiatives with the objective of improving the fire safety infrastructure, which includes the implementation of fire detection and extinguishing systems in operational areas. The hydraulic and lubrication systems, utilizing mineral oils, represent fire risks with high heat release and fume generation, potentially damaging critical equipment and facilities such as the pump room and lubrication of the acid plant, the air compressor of the oxygen plant and the hydraulic systems of the casting areas.

Based on risk assessments, an action plan for improvement of fire protection foresees the installation of fixed automatic fire protection systems for the lubrication and hydraulic systems in the areas mentioned above. FOGTEC’s local partner RMC Engineering Solutions is in the process of implementing FOGTEC high pressure water mist systems to these areas. This will minimize the risk of damage to people, the equipment and to the facilities by fire.

FOGTEC fire detectors for another world record holder

We have already reported in our summer newsletters that FOGTEC has equipped the world's highest cog railway in Colorado, USA and the steepest cog railway, in Switzerland, with FOGTEC fire detection technology. Now the next world record holder will be the Wengeneralpbahn (WAB), also in Switzerland.

With its almost 19 km long track, the WAB is the longest cog railway worldwide. It is named after the village of Wengen, one of four stations on its route. The railroad provides, among other things, passenger transport as well as the supply of goods for the car-free health resort of Wengen.

During the annual FIS SKI World Cup in the Bernese Oberland, the railroad performs a great deal: athletes, organizers, coaches and spectators are brought from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen. All goods such as race material, grandstands, tents, sponsor articles etc. are also transported step by step to 1,274 meters above sea level and distributed from there. A spectacular backdrop is provided by the bridge "Wasserstation" on which the WAB runs when the skiers race under it at speeds between 80 - 100 km/h. From now on the WAB is equipped with FOGTEC smoke and heat detectors.