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Our smoke detectors and fire fighting systems are specially developed for rolling stock and tailored to special vehicle requirements. FOGTEC Rail Systems is a single-source service provider, and can equally integrate fire protection systems in existing vehicles or supply ready-for-use full solution as part of a turnkey project. The more than 12,000 fire protection systems we have supplied worldwide are an evidence to the trust of our customers and the benefits of our systems in the rail industry.

Fire detection

Effective fire fighting necessitates early and reliable fire detection. FOGTEC Rail Systems can provide product series that offer a wide range of technically diverse, combinable system solutions and assist customers when it comes to the licensing and verification of fire detection components in rail.

Fire fighting

Fire fighting systems enhance safety inside the vehicle while having a positive effect on vehicle availability and the overall cost budget. FOGTEC can supply all of the most common types of fire fighting systems, such as water mist, gas, aerosol and foam.


Compensation is an integral aspect of effective fire fighting and reduces costs. This applies to the construction design of the rolling stock vehicle itself (e.g. weight reduction or material requirements as per EN 45545-2 are reduced) and to freedom of architectural design (e.g. an open gangway). Also the fire protection planning and administration as well as verification or emergency plans can be influenced positively.

Maintenance and service

A worldwide network of rail partners specialised in rolling stock, combined with a service team of our own that is active worldwide, ensure rapid response on all continents in the event of faults as well as for professional maintenance.


use of FOGTEC systems

Our water mist systems are in use throughout the entire rolling stock sector and beyond – from passenger compartments to engines and technical areas to integrative monitoring of rail vehicles and their corresponding infrastructure.

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consulting, development, realization

FOGTEC Rail Leistungen

The field of activity reaches from consulting to conceptional design and the installation of complex fire detection and fire fighting systems for all kinds of railways. We propose retrofit, new development and fully turn-key projects.

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FOGTEC systems in rail vehicles

FOGTEC Rail Referenzen2

The fire detection systems and fire fighting systems are used for the protection of passenger compartments, locomotives and diesel power packs throughout the world. Having supplied over 12000 systems, our long-term customers trust the benefits of early detection, effective fire fighting and the possibilities of compensating for other deficiencies in the context of train design. The following are just a small selection of our many references.

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fire detection and fire fighting systems for railways

5000 Series

The only complete SIL system

FOGTEC Rail Brandmeldesystem

FOGTEC 5000 Series offers a complete platform solution for fire detection and fire fighting, most flexible in layout and safety requirements. The architecture and equipment for fire detection and system monitoring allows complete approval up to SIL-2.

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Fire detection systems

reliability, flexibility, economy

Fire Detection

FOGTEC fire alarm systems are highly versatile in terms of their application and can be adapted accordingly. They can include point or linear temperature indicators, smoke detectors/smoke switches, aspirating smoke detectors, gas sensors, video analysis systems and communication components like displays as human–machine interaction systems (HMI).

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Fire fighting systems

protection and damage minimization

FOGTEC Rail Systems

Our fire fighting systems increase the safety level in rolling stock while having a positive effect on availability and your budget as a whole. Their efficiency is verified in full scale fire tests and witnessed by independent experts.

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