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fixed systems, mobile systems, wall cabinets

Fixed systems

flexible systems for every case



open and automatic water mist nozzles

The heart of every FOGTEC system are special water mist nozzles. Due to a modular nozzle concept, nozzles can be provided covering standard applications or which can also be used in raised floors, suspended ceilings, areas with particularly high temperatures or that are exposed to wind conditions. Their reliability has been intensively tested such as at Factory Mutual.

Water is atomised in special nozzle inserts placed in a nozzle body, allowing to vary the spray pattern (spay angle), flow rate and droplet distribution. When the activation is triggered by a fire alarm system A dry system (deluge system) with open nozzles is used where the pipe system is empty. Besides open nozzles, automatic nozzles are used that are activated like in a conventional sprinkler via a glass bulb. When activated via glass bulb nozzles, the pipe system is already pressurised prior to triggering by water or compressed air (wet, pre-action or dry pipe system)


FOGTEC Pumpenaggregat

Pump systems

effective creation of high pressure

FOGTEC pump systems work at a pressure between 60 and 140 bar. If  lower pressures would be used, the droplets generated would either be larger or they would have insufficient acceleration to reach the fire (law of energy conservation).

The pump units are composed of individual pump modules. Since FOGTEC pump modules are available with flow rates of 25 to 800 l/min., the overall power of a system can be optimally designed to requirements. The pump units are electrically powered or by diesel engines.

Section valves are available for various system types for dry and wet pipework, for dry pre-pressurised areas and for pre-action systems. 
For systems that are not activated via a glass bulb, virtually all types of fire detection systems  can be used. FOGTEC control cabinets are equipped with state-of-the-art PLC controllers and can be connected to fire alarm systems while remote maintenance via a modem is available as option.

The entire pipework is made of stainless steel, being in line with international requirements for water mist firefighting systems. The pipe cross-sections range between 10 and 50 mm and can be installed and be designed according to recognised standards.

FOGTEC Flaschensystem

Cylinder systems

cost-efficient and space-saving

FOGTEC cylinder systems have a similar structure to gas extinguishing systems and are activated in a similar way. They provide a limited amount of water and are less expensive than pump systems for smaller applications.

Cylinder systems comprise separate cylinders for water and nitrogen, which are interconnected via a nitrogen manifold. When triggered, all water cylinders are pressurised with nitrogen. They are activated via an external fire detection system or manually.

The operating pressure of cylinder systems is initially 200 bar, continuously dropping as the pressure cylinder is drained.


FOGTEC - wall cabinets

fire fighting without delay

With FOGTEC high pressure wall cabinets, the fire can be manually fought immediately upon detection without time losses resulting from the build-up of an extinguishing water supply. The water mist is generated by the connected FOGGUN which creates a considerably greater cooling effect compared to conventional low pressure wall cabinets. Unlike with hand-held fire extinguishers or small extinguishing trolleys, there is no limitation to the extinguishing time. The continuous availability of water makes firefighting with mist even more effective and safer than with conventional systems. The hoses have lengths of up to 60 m. The flow rate of the FOGGUN is 25 l/min at a pressure of 100 bar.


Mobile Systems

fire fighting on the spot

KFT 25/120


KFT 25

The KFT 25/120 is used both by fire brigades and in industrial companies. The mobile system operates as a stand-alone unit with attached mounted water tank and the rapid intervention FOGGUN, while an optional foam injection provides an ideal addition to existing fire safety systems. Units with rails can be provided as an alternative to the wheels. The system is approved as extinguishing system.

KFT 40/120

integration into fire trucks

The KFT 40/120 is one of most highly performing water mist fire fighting systems available on the market. Unlike other systems, it operates at a flow rate of up to 40 l/min of water that is adjustable at the FOGGUN. The system is designed for fixed installation in firefighting vehicles. This system, with its combined 200 l water tank, is particularly suitable for compact fast response firefighting vehicles. The pump unit can optionally be powered by the vehicle’s internal auxiliary drive.

Power-take-off-driven (PTO)

flexible integration

FOGTEC Wassernebel Produkte Nebenantrieb

FOGTEC systems can of course also be installed on the auxiliary drive of vehicles (PTO). Particularly with firefighting rescue vehicles or pump water tenders, this constitutes an optimal solution since space is then only required for the FOGGUN and hose reel in the equipment compartment. All operating and control elements can be installed in the existing operator panel.


with three jet-types


This fire fighting gun is equipped with three switching positions – full jet, ultra-fine water mist or a combination of full-jet and ultra-fine water mist. The flow rate can be adjusted via the flow rate regulator on the gun. By means of a special foam pipe, low-expansion foam can be generated with a long spray width.


with five jet-types

This fire fighting gun is supplied as standard for mobile systems and is equipped with five different jet types which are freely adjustable via a lever – from ultra-fine mist to full-jet or an combination of both types. The special foam pipe can also be used with this FOGGUN.