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consulting, planning and implementation

FOGTEC Rail Leistungen

Business acivities extend through the whole life cycle of a tunnel. This starts with planning and integration into hollistic security concepts and ends up with installation and maintenance of the fire detection and fire fighting system.

Integration of comprehensive safety concepts

FOGTEC fire detection and firefighting systems are an integral part of a tunnel system’s overall safety concept. FOGTEC will integrate its systems into the existing safety infrastructure in conjunction with the customer and other participants such as authorities and planners.

Planning and design

Extensive full scale testing and a broad data basis derived from existing firefighting systems in tunnels form the foundation for the system’s configuration. The design of FOGTEC systems is always based on the particular conditions and parameters prevailing in individual projects.

Fire tests and CFD simulations

More than 200 full-scale tests during which FOGTEC firefighting systems were tested in tunnels have provided impressive proof of the effectiveness of our systems. The unique empirical values based on gained data have enabled our systems to be continuously further developed and optimised. In cases where the particular conditions of a special tunnel requires for further tests to ensure the safe layout of FOGTEC products, project-related fire tests and computer simulations can be performed.

Project management

FOGTEC can provide you with a team made up of highly qualified specialists with decades of experience in the management of major tunnel projects, either as direct contractual partners or sub-contractors.

RAMS analyses, SIL and life cycle costs

FOGTEC will perform comprehensive RAMS analyses (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety) using specially certified engineers. On request, we can supply systems with a safety integrity level (SIL). Life cycle costs are calculated in accordance with ISO DIN EN 60600-3-3:2004.

Installation and commissioning

FOGTEC project managers and installation teams have extensive experience in implementing major projects around the world. Outside of Europe, FOGTEC works in close co-operation with local partners who carry out the installation on our behalf.

Maintenance and service

For maintenance and service, FOGTEC has put together a team that is specially trained in the requirements of tunnel systems. The team is available 24/7 for customers enabling maximum availability, including emergencies.


Professional training and the training of fire services, operators and other involved parties is essential to ensure an optimum course of action in case of fire. FOGTEC training courses are aimed at facilitating interaction between firefighting systems and security forces. They focus just as much on fire service safety concepts as on ventilation conditions and escape routes.