Fogtec - Fire Protection

Additional applications for high pressure water mist

mobile systems and fire protection on ships


FOGTEC systems protect against a large number of fire risks of various types. Among these are clean rooms, TV studios, telecommunications systems, reactors, paint shops, industrial and kitchen fryers, and similar areas with a high concentration of values or special fire protection requirements. Water mist wall cabinets supplement fixed water mist systems and cover a wide range of applications.

Wall Hydrants and KFT´s

mobile systems

Mobile FOGTEC systems can be used by fire services and in industrial companies. These extremely compact systems can be integrated into particularly small firefighting vehicles such as off-road vehicles or pick-ups. In operations or companies without own fire service or with greater distances from a fire station, mobile systems have proven their value as rapid intervention systems.


FOGTEC Wassernebel Ölplattform

Safety on the ocean

maritime industry and off-shore platforms

On ships and off-shore platforms, FOGTEC systems protect machinery spaces and gas turbines as well as accommodation areas. High pressure water mist is particularly suitable for maritime risks, since safety requirements are particularly high on ships and in the off-shore industry.

For more application fields, see Rail systems and Tunnel systems.