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Applications - Fire fighting in rail systems

use of FOGTEC systems

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FOGTEC water misting systems are in use throughout the entire rolling stock sector and beyond – from passenger compartments to engines and technical areas to integrative monitoring of rail vehicles and their corresponding infrastructure (Smart Concepts).

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Passenger compartments

passengers´ safety

The safety of people has utmost priority. At the same time, passengers also constitute the greatest hazard – vandalism is one of the most frequent causes of fires. Dynamic dual alarm dependency has shown itself to be the most effective system for firefighting in this area and keeps the risk of false alarms to a minimum. Smoke represents a key parameter for fires since thermally activated systems are unsuitable for passenger compartment areas. Water mist, in particular, is the most appropriate firefighting technology in passenger compartments since, unlike gas extinguishing systems, it can be activated without pre-warning times. There is no need to close doors and windows and high pressure water mist encloses the fire rapidly and helps creating safety zones and evacuation areas for people.

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Locomotives and diesel engine rooms

safety for drive technology

The main dangers in diesel engine rooms are oil, lubricants, micro-leakages and pipe ruptures. Thermal detection with a linear heat detector that incorporates a specific project design is used in diesel engine rooms. For firefighting, the use of high pressure water sprays or aerosols is recommended.

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Electrical equipment

safety for train technology

For rolling stock, the traction system, auxiliary systems, on-board electric power supply and drives, signal and control systems require a special type of fire protection. A linear heat or smoke detector enables fires to be thermally promptly detected. The adequate firefighting technology is selected based on the composition of the electrical components. Options include high.pressure water mist, gas extinguishing and aerosol systems.

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Special applications

safety for other components

Rail transport includes a wide range of special applications – from filter units in vacuum systems to track maintenance components. The choice of the appropriate fire protection system depends on the individual application.

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Smart Concepts

fight the cause, not the result

This new approach to underground rail transport systems by FOGTEC considers rail vehicles and their corresponding infrastructure (stations etc.) as a whole rather than independent from each other, as it is usually the case. Our innovative solutions increase the safety and availability of the entire system comprising vehicles and infrastructure, while at the same time reducing demands on infrastructure. The benefits of implementing Smart Concepts are as follows:

  • Evacuation and emergency concepts are simplified.
  • Enormous potential for savings due to design flexibility and flexible choice of materials for stations and vehicles.
  • The infrastructure’s cost structure is optimised, e.g. due to smaller smoke extraction systems and fewer escape routes.

Our Smart Concepts increase the attractiveness, efficiency and lower the cost structure of underground rail transport. We will be delighted to provide you with some references on request.

Protection of M4 Metro Line in Budapest.