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World market leader from Cologne

Our headquarters (office and production facility) have been located in Cologne’s Schanzenstraße in the Mülheim district for 25 years and we have been able to follow and help shape the exciting transformation from an industrial to a cultural location and trendy district. Where Cologne's traditional heavy industry companies used to be located, media companies, design offices and think tanks now dominate the scene. Between the event venues E-Werk and Palladium you will find urban gardening, a wellness centre and indoor bouldering - framed by the culinary scent of Keupstraße restaurants and coffee roasters... The Schanzenviertel pulsates and has grown into an attractive quarter with a very special quality of work and life.

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The owner-managed company FOGTEC is the world market leader for environmentally friendly fire protection systems. For 25 years we have been developing solutions that matter to people and the planet, protecting lives and values with 100% pure water. We maintain close partnerships with universities and research institutes and, thanks to a broad positioning in the market, we are crisis-proof and geared (oder set up) for long-term independent development. From engineering to manufacturing to the front desk - we have exciting positions to fill.

Much has changed / some has remained...

The red brick, the colourful "Mülheimer Flair" and FOGTEC in Schanzenstraße


Our headquarters are well connected to public transport and the motorway and have ample parking facilities for cars, e-vehicles and bicycles. The modern, well-equipped offices are bright, spacious and partly air-conditioned. 

Our room tour offers an exclusive 360° view over the premises into the rooms.

Diversity in the Team...

and in the tasks

Our colourful, interdisciplinary team from over 20 nations is as diverse as our lively neighbourhood. Maybe that's why we fit in so well here. Our employees from

  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Research & Development
  • Production 
  • Purchasing
  • Software Development
  • Electronics
  • Dispatch
  • Assembly
  • Logistics
  • Service
  • Documentation
  • Accounting
  • IT and Marketing

work "hand in hand" to realise exciting and challenging projects of all kinds across all departments.

Our core areas Fixed Systems (industrial and comfort buildings), Rail, Tunnels and New Energy Storage cover almost all branches of industry. From A-as in archives to E-as in Elbphilharmonie - from the Eurotunnel to the metro, Mecca, the data centre in Sweden or the Indira Gandhi Museum in India: there is hardly an area in which we are not active with our systems, components and know-how. This variety of projects and customers, both nationally and internationally, is a great enrichment for our entire team!

Apprenticeship and dual studies

Your future with FOGTEC

Successfully finished school and now?

Apprenticeship or dual studies

With us, you can expect a wide variety of job profiles and plenty of development and career opportunities. It doesn't matter whether you want to do a traditional apprenticeship or a dual study programme. We offer you the complete package and prepare you realistically for an exciting working life. With us, you can and should play an active role in shaping your training.

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What you can expect from us:

Know-how, appreciation and team spirit

Our dedicated trainers will be at your side with help and advice throughout the entire training period and work closely with vocational schools and universities to provide you with the best possible support during your training.

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Team spirit & philosophy

Personality counts for us

FOGTEC operates far beyond Cologne's borders - with sales and research activities around the globe. With international partners, service providers and for customers from all over the world. Our team is just as colourful and multi-layered. Coming from a wide range of professional backgrounds, with international roots and exciting cultural backgrounds.

We are proud and grateful for many long-standing colleagues who have enriched our team with their expertise and commitment for 10, 20 or even 25 years. Just like the many young faces who are gaining their first work experience with fresh ideas. To our mothers and fathers, who return to the office with renewed vigour after their parental leave, to our researchers and developers, who are constantly learning new skills - they all drive our team forward and contribute to our success together. Career changers are also very welcome here! Because what counts for us more than a straight curriculum vitae is personality! We are looking for interest, commitment and team spirit.