Fogtec - Fire Protection

Fire tests

for fixed applications

When configuring water mist systems, tests under realistic conditions are essential in all application areas in order to be able to ensure reliable protection. Unlike gas extinguishing systems or sprinkler systems, water mist systems cannot be designed according to the room volume or surface area. For this reason, all international standards and approval bodies require verification of the performance capabilities of water mist systems based on fire tests.

Ever since we started developing FOGTEC systems, we have given great importance to fire tests. For more than 20 years, the FOGTEC team has been operating special fire test facilities, which we have used for the continuous development of our systems. The tests are carried out in accordance with international standards and norms and following special requirements for individual projects. Frequently, tests are conducted under the supervision of independent third parties such as certification bodies.

Besides using its own fire-testing facilities, FOGTEC has also carried out fire tests in a large number of countries, including France, England, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Russia, USA, India, Malaysia, China, Japan and South Africa.