Fogtec - Fire Protection

Fire fighting systems

safety, protection, damage minimisation

FOGTEC Rail Systems

FOGTEC fire fighting systems increase the safety level in rolling stock while having a positive effect on availability and your budget as a whole. Their efficiency is verified in full scale fire tests and witnessed by independent experts.

High-pressure water mist systems

maximum safety for people and machines

High pressure water mist has become a firmly established technology in the rolling stock sector and is used in particular in passenger compartments, diesel power packs, diesel and electric locomotives and for the protection of special-purpose vehicles. For more information on high pressure water mist, click here. High pressure water mist FOGTEC Rail Systems offer particular benefits when it comes to the protection of passenger areas. Due to their small construction size, small pipe diameters and relatively light weight, retrofit installation in rail vehicles is easy and at low cost.

Low life cycle costs and a high level of reliability are characteristics of this water misting system.

Gas extinguishing systems

protection of technical equipment

Gas extinguishing systems are suitable for use in enclosed areas containing technical equipment. The systems are compact and can be integrated easily into control boxes, switching cabinets or main systems. In most cases, gas extinguishing systems are based on nitrogen, because no harmful by-products are generated as with chemical extinguishing gases. Furthermore, they generally have no effect on technical equipment. As a non-toxic element, there are no restrictions on the use of nitrogen extinguishing systems in the transport sector throughout Europe.

Aerosol systems

low cost and robust

Besides being low cost, aerosol systems are also suitable for use in extreme ambient conditions. The aerosol is electrically non-conductive, meaning it does not affect electronic components during firefighting. However, electronic components should be cleaned after the system has been discharged. Otherwise corrosion may occur in conjunction with air humidity. Aerosol systems are available as cylinder systems or generators and, in both cases, the finest aerosol particles are used as an extinguishing agent, which inhibit chemical combustion reactions. In cylinder systems, the aerosol is stored in a ready-to-use form. By contrast, the aerosol generators do not generate the extinguishing agent until they have been triggered by a chemical reaction.