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Our team will consult you on all your requirements for safety and fire protection, in particular:

  • New development of vehicle concepts
  • Application development for existing vehicle platforms
  • Upgrade projects for fleet stock

We can provide the necessary expertise in all relevant areas:

  • National and international legislation and legal specifications thanks to our collaboration with industry-specific committees
  • A reliable network of experts, approval authorities and customers
  • A global network of system partners that enables country-specific expertise

Risk analysis

FOGTEC will locate, analyse and assess the risks and weaknesses of a rolling stock vehicle and provide assistance in developing protection concepts. Efficiency and economic reliability are key aspects of a system’s technical configuration.

Fire protection concept

The fire protection concept forms the basis for the approval of a rolling stock vehicle, a vehicle platform or an upgraded vehicle, defining its organisational, operational and technical requirements. FOGTEC Rail Systems is available for consultation right from the start of the project and will accompany you during the entire approval process.

Project management

FOGTEC can provide project management that is optimised according to deadlines, cost and planning. Our project management system is IRIS-certified and has been developed based on our own quality management system. Specially trained project managers ensure first-class customer service.

System development and validation

System development takes place in close consultation with the customer, taking into account mandatory standard requirements. FOGTEC’s corporate structure is characterised by processes in conformance with IRIS and are approved accordingly. For system validations, FOGTEC Rail Systems works in close co-operation with licensing authorities, experts and test labs to enable a smooth workflow, thereby reducing the burden on our customers.

Integration engineering

FOGTEC has been intensively involved in the integration of fire protection systems in existing vehicle structures and geometries for more than a decade. At the same time, the FOGTEC engineering team can provide its expertise for the development of new vehicles if required. FOGTEC Rail Systems has further developed its capacities and competences on a continuous basis while integrating state-of-the-art 3D engineering.

Installation and commissioning

On time delivery and installation of FOGTEC systems is an important part of the FOGTEC quality promise – in Germany and worldwide.
The unique global network of FOGTEC service partners means we can place specially trained experts at our customers’ disposal during all stages of a project. FOGTEC will accompany and support you during commissioning (including troubleshooting), reworking and upgrades and complete the installation of systems and sub-systems in conjunction with customers.

Eco-design: disposal and recycling concepts

Disposal and recycling concepts are a fixed part of the FOGTEC portfolio. As well as ensuring the professional return and disposal of our own systems, we can dispose and recycle products by other manufacturers if required as part of upgrade projects and refurbishments.
Our engineers are trained in eco-design and familiar with the features and key figures relevant for product development.

Maintenance and service

FOGTEC Rail Service has a unique global service network at its disposal. With its digital connection to the FOGTEC process surrounding and uniform communication platforms, the FOGTEC service offers comprehensive support for customers. Our team of experts, trained in customised FOGTEC systems, can provide you with the best and fastest service at your location. And around the clock, too!