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FOGTEC Tunnel Referenzen M30 Madrid

Hugh Carey Tunnel

Hugh L. Carey Tunnel

New York, USA

FOGTEC has been awarded in 2020 to protect the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (also known as Brooklyn Battery Tunnel) connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York. A full scale fire tested water mist system shall improve the capacity of the ventilation system, protect tunnel users and increase the availability of the infrastructure. Thanks to low water application rates and small pipework, the system can easily be retrofitted into the confined space of the old road tunnel. Although the current situation throughout the world is very challenging, we are delighted to experience efficient project execution using modern communication tools along with all involved parties.

FOGTEC Tunnel Systems Virgolo

Virgolo tunnel


This road tunnel in the north of Italy is nearly 900 m long and has been in operation since 1974. In response to major fires in several Alpine tunnels and as a follow-up to the UPTUN-Project, FOGTEC was appointed to improve fire protection and protect the building structure, thereby increasing availability of the tunnel and the entire Brenner motorway.

This turnkey project included, among other things, pump units operating entirely independently of the power supply and section valves that can be maintained remotely. As a result, the operator can perform an automated weekly test run of the valves directly via the tunnel control system. The firefighting system installed has been in reliable operation for almost ten years now, even with intensive salt treatment of the roadway.

FOGTEC Tunnel Systems NTC

New Tyne Crossing

Newcastle, UK

This tunnel in Newcastle has been chosen as the safest tunnel in the country based on the installed firefighting system. The system was installed at the request of a private operator despite the tunnel already having been classified as safe beforehand in accordance with official guidelines. The reason was an independent risk analysis, which disclosed a distinctly positive cost–benefit ratio in favour of a FOGTEC system. The firefighting system also guarantees long term revenues from tolls, without interruptions.

More about the safety system.

FOGTEC Tunnel Systems Dartford

Dartford Crossing – M 25 motorway

London, UK

This road tunnel under the Thames in London comprises two traffic tubes, the older being made of cast iron. As a result, the tunnel is particularly sensitive to high temperatures, while at the same time, it has an extremely high traffic volume. The tunnels comprised several special risk factors and were no longer able to comply with the latest EU safety guidelines. FOGTEC conducted project-based fire tests and  installed a firefighting system equipped with a SIL2-certified control system based on gained knowledge and parameters. This enabled the operator to perform system checks via remote maintenance without the use of water in the tunnel, which considerably lowered the maintenance costs.

FOGTEC protects Dartford Crossing.

M30 motorway

Madrid, Spain

This heavily used traffic tunnel passes right through the centre of Madrid. A key goal was the protection of infrastructure; being fire protection of the structure and protection of road users. FOGTEC conducted project-based fire tests beforehand in order to define the system parameters. As part of this turnkey project and in addition to the tunnel, more than 30 large equipment rooms were also equipped with water mist systems. Intensive training of local fire services and security forces was also a part of the project.

FOGTEC Tunnel Euro Tunnel


France, UK

The Eurotunnel has already survived two major fires with considerable damage, in 1996 and 2008. It is one of the most important connections to the European continent and the operator was in no position to be able to accept a further failure. FOGTEC was therefore appointed to develop a system that would ensure 99.98% availability. The basis for the fire protection concept was the largest-scale fire tests ever to be conducted for tunnels. The firefighting system includes a detection system specially developed by FOGTEC which was integrated into the overall safety concept. A video surveillance system and the overall control system with SCADA visualisation were also supplied by FOGTEC. FOGTEC installed the entire system in the tunnel during ongoing operation in just eight hours of installation time per week. The significant reduction in insurance costs meant the system had already paid for itself, just 18 months after it was put into operation. In this case, again, section valves were installed that can be inspected via remote maintenance.

Saadiyat Island Service Tunnel

Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi

This tunnel runs under the sea and forms the connection to the museum island Saadiyat Island. The tunnel construction is protected using FOGTEC systems, which guarantee the safety of its users. FOGTEC co-operated with the local partner Nova Systems for this project, who carried out the installation on site. The firefighting system enabled a much smaller ventilation system to be used in the tunnel.