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FOGTEC systems in rail vehicles

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FOGTEC fire detection systems and firefighting systems are used for the protection of passenger compartments, locomotives and diesel power packs throughout the world. Having supplied over 12000 systems, our long-term customers trust the benefits of early detection, effective firefighting and the possibilities of compensating for other deficiencies in the context of train design. The following are just a small selection of our many references.


Metro Singapore


In supply partnership with the manufacturer Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Co. Ltd. (CBRC), FOGTEC has provided its fire detection systems in the Singapore metro since 2011 as part of a project which is still ongoing today. The operator Land Transport Authority (LTA) required a SIL-compatible system. FOGTEC was able to guarantee the SIL certification by means of its 9000 series.

TRAXX AC3 – locomotive


Bombardier produces four different versions of these locomotives. The requirement, however, for the firefighting system was to have a standard basic concept for all four versions which also had SIL certification. For this platform solution, FOGTEC developed and supplied a detection system based on its 1000 series as well as aerosol firefighting systems.

Double-decker railway carriage


The double-decker railway carriage made by Stadler is operated by BLS AG in Switzerland. It is a platform solution with different country licences but with the same basic concept. FOGTEC installed a 3000 series fire detection system in this case.

Fast Light Innovative Regional Train (FLIRT)

Italy and other countries

FOGTEC has carried out numerous vehicle projects in Italy with Stadler Rail. One example is the Fast Light Innovative Regional Train (FLIRT), which FOGTEC equipped with both fire detection and firefighting systems. It is operated by many local an regional operators in big numbers. For years now, FOGTEC has met the demanding requirements for certification for Italian rail vehicles, which it has been verified in numerous fire and smoke tests.

High-speed train ETR 610


This high-speed train by Alstom Transport is also in use in Italy where it is operated by SBB-CFF-FFS. The trains were equipped with FOGTEC fire detection and firefighting systems. A certification for the Italian market was obtained for these trains.

Gravita shunting locomotive


At the request of Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH, these shunting locomotives were equipped for Deutsche Bahn with the 1000 series FOGTEC fire detection technology and a high pressure water mist system. The customer was convinced by this low-cost solution, which assured a lower risk for certification.

RegioShark regional train

Czech Republic

Based on positive experiences with a previous project, the Polish manufacturer Pesa Bydgosczc once again opted for FOGTEC, equipping the Czech state railway trains with the FOGTEC 3000 series fire detectors over a period of two years. This system concept was tailored to the special needs of the customer and was adapted to the technical framework conditions.


Dual-mode locomotive ALP-45DP


At the request of Bombardier, the ALP-45DP was equipped for use in North America. Also in this case the necessary certifications were obtained without any problems. The locomotives were equipped with the 3000 series fire detection technology and high pressure water mist systems.

INNOVIA Monorail


The operator Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos performed a detailed technology comparison before opting for a solution by FOGTEC due to the components being designed explicitly for rolling stock. A system concept was thus developed with the 7000 series fire detection technology and a fire fighting system with high pressure water mist that was individually tailored to the vehicle.

Flexity Platform / Low-floor vehicle


For fire monitoring of passenger compartments, the City of Melbourne required a solution that was as low cost and straightforward as possible. Since FOGTEC has developed and supplied various solutions for the entire Flexity platform, a decision was made in favour of our 3000 series.

Low-floor tram


The low-floor trams used in the Chinese city of Suzhou are also part of Bombadier’s Flexity series. A straightforward and a low-cost solution could be found for these vehicles based on concepts previously realised. A 1000 series fire detection system was used.

Regional Multiple Unit Coradia Meridian


At the request of Alstom Transport, a 9000 series fire detection system was designed for the operator Trenitalia. High pressure water mist was installed for firefighting purposes. Here, again, FOGTEC products met the high certification standards required.

High-speed train AGV


With this project, the focus was on the high level of safety requirements of the manufacturer Alstom. For these 11-part trains, the 9000 series fire detection technology was used. Firefighting in the passenger compartments uses high pressure water mist, while in the technical areas nitrogen systems are installed for fire protection.

TRAXX Multi-Engine diesel locomotive


For these multi-engine locomotives by Bombardier, a specific concept was designed for firefighting that was based on the system configuration of the TRAXX AC3 with respect to design and components. This platform solution is SIL2-certified and operates with the 1000 series fire detectors and an aerosol extinguishing system.

Waratah – double-decker railway carriages


For these double-decker railway carriages, the manufacturer Downer EDI required a highly reliable system architecture. The requirements included an extensive communication structure, comprehensive documentation and highly complex processes. The 7000 series was used in this project for fire detection.


platform solution

FOGTEC supplied the entire fire detection and firefighting technology including the pipework for this project. A series 1000 fire detection system was used for the passenger compartments and in the diesel power packs, which are additionally protected using higt pressure water mist.