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Energy storage systems, production areas for electric vehicles, hybrid traction vehicles or parking areas with charging stations have something in common: Lithium-Ion-Batteries. This new technology brings new challenges which demand for innovative solutions.

The so-called thermal runaway is difficult to stop. Given that this exothermic chain reaction usually takes place at the battery cell level, the spread of the reaction to the battery system and subsequently to the device or vehicle must be prevented as quickly as possible. According to the current scientific state of knowledge, the early detection as well as the withdrawal of energy through cooling is the only way to interrupt the chain reaction.

Our holistic concepts for fire detection and high-pressure watermist systems offer not only that, but also many other advantages.

New Technology, New Risks

Advantages of our Solutions for Battery Fires

Firefighting with High-Pressure Watermist


Development of a fire with and without a HPWN-System


  • Significant reduction of temperatures in the fire zone
  • Local inerting and reduction of heat development
  • Minimal consumption of water
  • Limitation of the fire spread
  • Partial washing of fire gases
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Easy integration into existing structures
  • Lower investment and life-cycle costs

The right system guarantees early detection



  • Individual concept and design based on the fire scenario
  • Detection of initial fires as early as possible
  • Open to technology based on application (linear heat detectors, smoke aspiration systems, point detectors etc.)
  • Solid data base from 1:1 fire tests
  • Compatible interfaces and software (housing technology, fire departments, firefighting system)
  • Integration into the overall safety concept

Test and Climatic Chambers

Controlling the Worst-Case Scenario


With FOGTEC high-pressure watermist technology, critical test scenarios can be brought under control at any time. The excellent cooling effect and local inerting removes heat from reacting lithium batteries and reduces heat generation through flame suppression. The low-maintenance FOGTEC systems are ideal for continuous and repetitive operation, enabling higher test capacity!

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Automotive Test Stands

Vehicle and Engine Test Benches

Prüfstand NEC

Regardless of whether combustion or battery-powered, when entire vehicles or drive units are being inspected, safety and rapid intervention are of the highest priority. Should an incident occur, FOGTEC high-pressure watermist systems are ready for use again within a very short time. This means that interruptions to operations can be reduced to a minimum.

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Parking Garages

And Charging Infrastructure


Especially in urban environments, parking spaces with a charging infrastructure are currently more important than ever and one of the basic prerequisites for functioning electro-mobility. High-pressure water mist systems are the best way to meet the new fire protection requirements, both for new projects and for retrofitting existing buildings.

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The fire protection guideline for car parks, which was derived from the findings of the SUVEREN research project, can be found in our download area.

Stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Fire Protection for ESS using Lithium-ion Batteries

Energy storage systems are systems that enable the intermediate storage of electrical energy for later use.

Based on the results of the SUVEREN (I+II) research project, full-scale fire tests for ESS were carried out. A white paper derived from the tests' results provides information and guidance for consultants, designers, manufacturers, operators of ESS, insurance and licensing bodies, and fire services.

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Know-How Through Science

Secure Systems Through a Solid Data Base

As a consortium member alongside the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and the Society for the Study of Tunnels and Transportation Systems (STUVA) in the research project SUVEREN, FOGTEC has taken a leading role in researching fire protection for applications with lithium-ion batteries.

Extensive fire tests at cell and battery pack level have led to new fundamental understanding. These insights are the direct basis for FOGTEC's fire protection concepts for lithium-ion battery applications.


Impressions from the fire tests of the research project


Experimental setup (calorimeter) for research on the fire behaviour of lithium batteries


Redesigned test bench for imitating an underground car park fire


Battery fire (pack level) of an electric vehicle battery


Recording of a thermal imaging camera in the same experiment