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InnoTrans 2018

Berlin, Germany

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Dear customers, guests and friends,

we hope that you had a successful, extraordinary and great InnoTrans week. We would like to thank you for coming to our booth and showing us that we are on the right way to continuously offer systems according to your needs. This has been a very successful exhibition for FOGTEC, and for that we would like to say THANK YOU to all of you!

For the 9th time, FOGTEC participated in InnoTrans, which opened its doors on the 18th of September. A lot of visitors had the opportunity to meet the sales team, our technicians and engineers as well as the company’s management and talked about the newest developments of fire protection requirements worldwide and about business relations. This year´s highlights were the official handover of the certificate for the generic system Series 5000 through TÜV Nord and of the renewed IRIS certificate based on the requirements of ISO/TS 22163 on Tuesday, as well as our booth-party on Thursday where live-music and a hilarious atmosphere created a great conclusion of the day.

Impressions from InnoTrans 2018

5000 Series – The only complete SIL system

20 years of experience in the field. More than 15,000 systems supplied worldwide. A team devoted to rolling stock projects with specialized staff for software, electronic, mechanical and RAMS engineering. The valuable voice of our customers and partners; a strong network of prime suppliers; close cooperation with railway safety assessors, authorities and consultants: These are the solid bases of the new 5000 series product line, FOGTEC’s latest development and the benchmark in active fire protection in rolling stock.

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A robust and performant fully integrated fire detection and fire suppression system

FOGTEC´s 5000 series brings together the cutting-edge solutions of the newest developments in FOGTEC´s fire detection and monitoring product line with the latest rail-specific developments for FOGTEC firefighting systems. The fire detection and monitoring system is modular bus-based with a layout which allows a lean and simple system design for every type of vehicle. The system architecture can be used for so-called SIL-systems or for systems without such requirements. The center units (CPU) provide a continuous monitoring of each single component with a detailed diagnostic program and communicate with the TCMS by using data-interfaces as Ethernet, TRDP, CAN, RS 485 or MVB. The addressable detectors are available as smoke, temperature, CO, CO2 or multi-criteria detectors. Bus-based single and multiple I/O modules allow decentralized distributed control and monitoring of extinguishing units, digital sensors and actuators as well as interfaces with external subsystems or with the TCMS. A stabilized power supply module ensures system compatibility with train power supply. All components are available for basic integrity levels as well as safety integrity levels up to SIL 2. The software development and documentation is in accordance with the latest European standards such as EN 50657.

Continuous product development for the best firefighting solutions

FOGTEC 5000 series also covers a wide portfolio of firefighting solutions for every need. The globally established FOGTEC high pressure water mist technology, nitrogen-gas-systems and aerosol extinguishing systems are specifically developed for rail applications. The systems are approved for safety integrity level solutions and are tested in accordance to ARGE as well as to UNI-standards with full assessment. A new nitrogen release concept has enabled significant reduction in the water and nitrogen quantities, whilst maintaining the performance, so giving great benefits in weight and space management. Bleed valves have been adopted for enhanced pressure control, diagnostics and high reliable system activations. Multiple-cylinders modules are now available with redundant activation in order to target the highest RAMS values. The improved heating and insulating system allows a 12hrs ice-free operation without any power supply. Cylinder systems are in accordance to EN and DOT standards, complete modules get a CE-mark. System components and architecture are also designed to be certified up to SIL-2 in accordance with latest standards. All this in order to set a new benchmark of highest performance, quality and safety.