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 FOGTEC Referenzen Elbphilharmonie

Find a selection of our worldwide projects. For more references take a look at our division pages Water mist, Rail Systems and Tunnel Systems.

Fixed Systems


Electricity Cable Tunnel


FOGTEC Referenzen Wassernebel Singapur

At a depth of 60 m, the local electrical power provider Singapore Power is currently constructing a superior-type cable tunnel. Following completion, the tunnel will extend for a total of 35 km through the city, ensuring power supply.

The entire length of the tunnel is protected by a FOGTEC water mist system. A single row of nozzles in the top of the tunnel is sufficient. Extremely low quantities of water are used despite the wide diameter of the tunnel. The FOGTEC water mist system was designed based on full scale fire tests.

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Mecca Clock Tower

Mecca, Saudi Arabia


At the end of 2012, a huge hotel complex was opened for the millions of visitors to Islam’s most important sacred site – the Haram Mosque in Mecca. With 600m, the building complex is the third-highest building in the world. The clock tower is an outstanding feature and incorporates one of the largest tower clocks in the world.

The entire upper 210 m of the tower is protected with a FOGTEC water mist system. Automatic nozzles triggered by glass bulbs are used for all floors. Technical areas are protected with open nozzles. For areas that did not correspond with our standard design criteria, special fire tests were conducted.

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Palacio de Cibeles

historic town hall, Spain

Today, the former Palace of Communication in Madrid is the seat of Madrid’s municipal council. The building in the heart of Madrid, which was completed in 1919, covers an area of 12,200 m2 and 30,000 m2 including the outside grounds. The building needed to be retrofitted with an automatic fire protection system.

The central location, the associated lack of space, the very limited installation space and the need to install the system during ongoing operation – not to mention the fear of water damage – excluded the installation of a conventional sprinkler system. The high rooms and halls constituted further challenges.

On behalf of the customer, FOGTEC initially conducted full scale fire tests in order to define the basic requirements. The FOGTEC system was then installed on a total surface area of 15,000 m2.

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Clinical centre Baden-Mödling


The clinical centre Baden-Mödling has been opened in 2017 and represents one of the most modern hospitals in Europe. The building houses six operation rooms and 450 beds on a total surface area of 60.000 square meters. The entire building consists of three buildings (pavilions) with each three floors which are connected via a central entrance hall.

Amongst others the installed FOGTEC system protects the building structure (glass facades and steel construction) also. Special certification fire tests allowed for an installation of the system in 12 meter height in the entrance hall.

Rail Systems



platform solution

FOGTEC Referenzen Rail IEP2

For this project FOGTEC delivers complete fire detection and fire fighting technology including pipelines. The fire detection system at passengers areas is based on 1000 series as well as the system to protect the power packs. The fire fighting system is based on high pressure water mist.

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Stadler EC 250

approval for Italy

FOGTEC Referenzen Rail EC250

The new high speed trains EC250 from Stadler will also be running between Milan and Stuttgart (Germany). This is why the fire fighting system has to approve the high standards in Italy. In technical rooms there will be integrated aerosol generators, the passenger areas will be protected by high pressure water mist. FOGTEC also delivers the fire detection system which is based on 3000+ series.

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Bombardier Talent 2


FOGTEC Referenzen Rail Talent2

The train Talent 2 is iused in the regional sector. Many parts are equipped with fire doors but to get approval for the high conditions of the new station "Stuttgart 21" all of them would have to be furnised with fire doors. This would mean a complicated refurbishment and negative impact on the interior design. This is why the manufacturer decided to install a high pressure water mist system which is able to compensate the fire doors completely. The fire detection is based on 3000+ series.

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Tunnel Systems



France - Great Britain

FOGTEC Tunnel Euro Tunnel

The Eurotunnel has already survived two major fires with considerable damage, in 1996 and 2008. It is one of the most important connections to the European continent and the operator was in no position to be able to accept a further failure. FOGTEC was therefore appointed to develop a system that would ensure 99.98% availability. The basis for the fire protection concept was the largest-scale fire tests ever to be conducted for tunnels. The fire fighting system includes a detection system specially developed by FOGTEC which was integrated into the overall safety concept. A video surveillance system and the overall control system with SCADA visualisation were also supplied by FOGTEC. FOGTEC installed the entire system in the tunnel during ongoing operation in just eight hours of installation time per week. The significant reduction in insurance costs meant the system had already paid for itself, just 18 months after it was put into operation. In this case, again, section valves were installed that can be inspected via remote maintenance.

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Dartford Crossing

Great Britain

FOGTEC Tunnel Anwendungen

This road tunnel under the Thames in London comprises two traffic tubes, the older being made of cast iron. As a result, the tunnel is particularly sensitive to high temperatures, while at the same time, it has an extremely high traffic volume. The tunnels comprised several special risk factors and were no longer able to comply with the latest EU safety guidelines. FOGTEC conducted project-based fire tests and  installed a fire fighting system equipped with a SIL2-certified control system based on gained knowledge and parameters. This enabled the operator to perform system checks via remote maintenance without the use of water in the tunnel, which considerably lowered the maintenance costs.

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New Tyne Crossing

Great Britain

FOGTEC Referenzen Tunnel Tyne Crossing

This tunnel in London has been chosen as the safest tunnel in the country based on the installed firefighting system. The system was installed at the request of a private operator despite the tunnel already having been classified as safe beforehand in accordance with official guidelines. The reason was an independent risk analysis, which disclosed a distinctly positive cost–benefit ratio in favour of a FOGTEC system. The fire fighting system also guarantees long term revenues from tolls, without interruptions.

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