Fogtec - Fire Protection

Green Protection for Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Energy storage systems are systems that enable the intermediate storage of electrical energy for later use. Among the most important are power storage in connection with renewable energies charging infrastructure systems, emergency power supplies and power management.

Of particular interest are ESS with lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). LIBs have some convincing advantages over other battery technologies, e.g. higher energy and power density as well as a long lifetime and acceptable costs. However, the combination of high-energy materials and highly flammable electrolytes leads to an increased risk of fire.


Stationary Energy Storage Systems can be installed in containers, dedicated buildings or in separated rooms within buildings. Depending on the installation site, different design parameters must be considered for the safe operation of the systems.


FOGTEC's comprehensive protection concepts consisting of detection and high-pressure water mist systems enable safe operation of the systems, whether in containers or in buildings.