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FOGTEC is an owner-managed company that has been one of the world’s leading providers of special fire protection systems for more than 20 years. FOGTEC fire fighting systems can be used for a wide variety of applications – for instance, for the protection of unique items of architecture, of high-sensitivity IT technology, of industrial systems or of public infrastructure such as rolling stock vehicles, underground stations or cable and underwater tunnels. Its applications are manifold. Our team will be happy to help you to work out an individual solution for the protection for your fire hazards. With our global network comprising more than 45 system partners, our staff are at your service worldwide. Whether for fire protection in rail transport, in tunnel systems, buildings or industry, FOGTEC will help developing the ideal fire protection solution for your needs.


Case Study: Active Fire Protection for High-Rise Buildings - Sprinkler vs. High Pressure Water Mist

Ägyptisches Museum Turin (Italien)

Schwarzer Bock

Stuttgart_ISO 7_3-teiler

Egyptian Museum

Turin, Italy

The Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy, houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities with more than 30.000 artefacts and was founded in 1824, being the world's oldest Egyptian Museum. The Museum shares a building complex with the historical archive of the Accademia delle Scienze. FOGTEC technology is protecting both the Egyptian museum and the archive by one centralized high pressure pump unit. Depending on the requirements for the protected areas, open and automatic nozzles have been installed.

Hotel "Schwarzer Bock"

Wiesbaden, Germany

Opened in 1486, the hotel „Schwarzer Bock“ in Wiesbaden is the eldest grand hotel in Europe listed as a historical building. For fire protection, a high pressure water mist system will be installed, protecting all hotel rooms, restaurants, corridors and other areas. The installation is carried out under full operation of the hotel. The high pressure water mist system protects all six floors of the building. The hotel will be equipped with the latest technology by FOGTEC, such as VdS-certificated nozzle systems, site-welded plastic tanks and battery smart packs for the supply of the ancillary units.

Protection for new FLIRT trains

Pankow, Germany

The successful cooperation between FOGTEC and Stadler Pankow goes on. FOGTEC will equip a complete fire protection system in the new FLIRT BW1 consisting of a fire detection and a fire suppression system. The contract covers the amount of 45 electric multiple-unit trains for the Stuttgart Network 1, which are operated by Go Ahead. The order involves the delivery of 11 three-car and 15 five-car FLIRT EMU vehicles for Lot 2, along with 9 four-car and 10 six-car FLIRT EMU vehicles for Lot 3. The trains will come into operation in summer 2019.


FOGTEC fire fighting systems in use

FOGTEC Referenzen Elbphilharmonie

FOGTEC fire fighting systems are in use worldwide. We have been involved in major construction projects – ranging from one of the tallest buildings in the world to an outstanding underwater tunnel – for many years now. In addition, FOGTEC ensures fire safety and protection for trains on virtually every continent and has safeguarded against a multitude of demanding risks in various industry sectors. You can find a selection of our references here.

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With four representative offices and more than 45 system partners, FOGTEC has a truly global presence. All projects are managed and system partners supported from our headquarters in Cologne.

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For us, the satisfaction of our customers has utmost priority. Do you have questions about maintenance or fixings? FOGTEC provides an around-the-clock service. Our service team is on hand for your queries at all times. In addition, our global network of specially trained, authorised system partners ensures optimum customer support.

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Fire Tests

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FOGTEC Tunnel Brandversuche

FOGTEC engineers are worldwide experts for full scale fire tests. Large tests often are required to guarantee reliability of a system.

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Research Projects

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FOGTEC Tunnel Forschung und Entwicklung

FOGTEC is a key partner when it comes to important research projects in the area of tunnel safety. For instance, FOGTEC has acted as a project partner and made major contributions to the FIT, UPTUN, Eurotunnel, Dartford, SOLIT and SOLIT2 projects.

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