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FOGTEC Unternehmen Awards

The owner-managed company FOGTEC was founded in 1997. FOGTEC develops, produces and markets fixed and mobile systems for fire detection and firefighting. Our employees come from 16 countries and are based at six sites. We are active in the following business sectors: rolling stock (Rail Systems), Fixed and mobile systems, Tunnel Systems, ships and oil platforms. Of our products, 80% are produced for export. Our team consists, among others, of engineers in the specialist areas of fire protection, mechanical engineering, hydraulics, electronics, software and chemistry.

Dirk K. Sprakel

Roger Dirksmeier
Managing Director - Rail Systems

Rüdiger Kopp
General Manager - Fixed Systems

Corporate history

FOGTEC was formed as the result of a merger of the business divisions for water mist at the companies Lechler GmbH (Stuttgart) and KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG (Witten). Even today, the company maintains a strong relationship with Lechler GmbH via its partners.

Lechler GmbH is Europe’s largest manufacturer of nozzles and looks back on a history of 125 years in the field of nozzle technology. The company acts as the exclusive supplier of nozzles for FOGTEC and its many years of expertise in the manufacturing and development of FOGTEC nozzles guarantee the utmost quality and cutting-edge technology.

KAMAT Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG was formed from the US company F.E. Myers Bro. Co. (Ashland, Ohio, USA), which has been involved in using high pressure technology in combination with water since 1900.

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