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September 2020

  • Fire protection for Singapore´s metro
  • UNICEF Head Office in Dhaka
  • New FOGTEC YouTube Video


Fire protection for Singapore´s metro

Meeting the challenging climatic conditions

Once again, FOGTEC is equipping new metro trains for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in Singapore, which is regarded as particularly efficient and safe, with a high-performance fire alarm system. The new six-carriage vehicles of Bombardier's Movia platform, built in China, will further improve the service level of MRT and replace 30-year-old vehicles on the north-south and east-west lines. The contract covers 66 trains and further options.

The tropical, and therefore extremely humid, climate in Singapore poses a particular challenge for detection systems. This is particularly true for systems which - as in this project - are installed in trains that are air-conditioned inside, and into which air with high temperature and high humidity enters through the open doors in the stations. With conventional technology, this can quickly lead to false alarms due to condensation on the sensors. The fire alarm system based on FOGTEC's many years of experience is adapted to these environmental conditions. In addition, the entire FOGTEC system meets the requirements of SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) for safety control systems and thus has a much higher reliability and availability than commercially available detection systems.

This is already the second metro project that FOGTEC is supplying to Bombardier for the Land Transport Authority in Singapore. We are pleased about the trust placed in us!


UNICEF Head Office in Dhaka

First project of our partner in Bangladesh

Together with our partner EMACO Solution Ltd., FOGTEC has secured an important project for a new administration building of the children's relief organisation UNICEF in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In order to do justice to the high proportion of children in Bangladesh, the 64 districts of Bangladesh will be allocated to different UNICEF locations. A total of 13 districts are looked after and administered from Dhaka. The new headquarters will be equipped with FOGTEC water mist technology. Currently, the installation is taking place in the offices, public spaces and parking areas. We congratulate our partner on this reference project in Bangladesh.


New FOGTEC© YouTube Video

Typical water mist nozzle in a Tunnel

This new FOGTEC YouTube video shows a typical water mist nozzle which is used in tunnel applications. FOGTEC nozzles are designed and tested to be suited for the rough environment of road and rail tunnels. The nozzles are mounted to sockets which are welded to the main pipe. This also allows to unscrew the nozzles and replace them if necessary. The nozzle and the socket are made out of high grade stainless steel. For very harsh environments it is possible to put small Teflon caps on top of each micro nozzle. As shown in the video, the caps will be blown off after activation. The water mist nozzles which are specially designed for tunnel applications have been full scale fire tested in over 200 fire tests. The water will be pushed through the micro nozzles in order to create the mist and to distribute it into the activated sections.

Click here to watch the video


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