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November 2018

  • FOGTEC undertakes an important infrastructure project on the Sinai Peninsula
  • Two new orders from Stadler for FOGTEC
  • Fire Protection for the Binhai Archive in Tianjin
  • New adress of Indian office

Ismailia Tunnel

Ismailia Road Tunnel

Fire protection for the Suez Canal Corridor Development Project

The newly constructed Ismailia Road Tunnel is a 4.8 km long twin tube road tunnel crossing the Suez Canal north of the city of Ismailia. It is part of a larger development project in the Suez Canal corridor, which is planned to link the Sinai Peninsula with the mainland and support the economic development of the region. The efficiency of a tunnel will cut the journey time across the Suez Canal from between a few hours up to days queuing in traffic to cross by ferry, to just 10 minutes via road tunnel. The project is spearheaded by the Egyptian government, working together with world-renowned engineering and consulting companies for the build. The excavation was completed in early 2018, and now the interior fitting is being completed. FOGTEC is responsible for the turnkey supply of the the full scale tested water mist system. The FOGTEC fire fighting system enables significant cost savings, as high demands of constructional fire protection and ventilation can be compensated for, leading to a reduction in overall costs. And, most importantly, the water mist system leads to a higher availability of the tunnel, as damages due to the fire will be minimized, leading to a fast re-opening after such an incident.

Two new orders from Stadler


New Stadler FLIRT4 Platform

Stadler’s next FLIRT generation, so called FLIRT4, delivered for the first time to the Swiss operator BLS, will be equipped as platform solution with fire protection technology of the completely new FOGTEC 5000 Series. The applied technology consists of a complete SIL2 fire protection system, including an optimized fire suppression system. The total weight for the whole system will be less than 300kg and sets new milestones in the fire protection development. Apart from weight considerations, the maintenance is optimized to reduce the related costs for the operator to the minimum. These combined measures will ensure the long-term success of the new 5000 Series.


Stadler’s new family member WINK

Arriva awarded Stadler the contract to deliver the first WINK for the Netherlands. As a new platform means the possibility to integrate innovative solutions, FOGTEC will deliver the fire protection system for WINK, consisting of a fire detection system for the whole passenger area as well as a fire detection/extinction system for the power pack unit. The fire protection system is based on FOGTEC’s innovative 5000 Series in non-SIL application. FOGTEC is proud to be part of this new family member and is looking forward to be a platform supplier on future WINK vehicles.

Binhai Archive

Binhai Archive

Tianjin City, China

The new archive of Binhai´s New Area in Tianjin city was founded in July 2018. This archive offers space for more than 900,000 files, representing the archive storage needs of Binhai´s New Area for the next 30 years. It is also the biggest archive in Tianjin city. In this new archive, an area of more than 16,000 m² needs to be protected. A FOGTEC high pressure water mist system including over 1,100 pieces of nozzles is installed to protect all archive as well as generator rooms, historical paper works and micro-films.

We moved our office

You can find us at our new adress:

FOGTEC Fire Protection Pvt. Ltd.
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Behind Kailash Esplanade,
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