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March 2019

  • Contract Award from Thule
  • Series 5000 at Fire Protection in Rolling Stock conference in Berlin
  • Trade-fair appearance of FOGTEC
  • FOGTEC Water Mist for the Asiatic Society in Mumbai

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Contract award from Thule 

Protection of a manufacturing facility in Germany

FOGTEC Brandschutz Systeme GmbH has been awarded by the Swedish company Thule of a contract for the fire protection system of the plastic processing plant and related offices in the production site of Neumark. An application specific tailored high pressure water mist system has been designed for the project, based on real-scale fire tests that have been carried out in order to verify the behavior of the materials in the application and therefore define the layout and the fire protection concept. Thule is Swedish company with 40 manufacturing sites and sales offices around the world. With 2200 employees is considered among the world market leaders for roof boxes, frames and transport solutions for cars, recreational vehicles and bicycles.


FOGTEC Series 5000

Presentation at Fire Protection in Rolling Stock conference in Berlin

Also this year FOGTEC attended the conference Fire Protection in Rolling Stock in Berlin. FOGTEC made a technical presentation of the new product series 5000, which was presented at the latest Innotrans. The new series features modular design, weight reduction, SIL-capability and compliancy to the latest standards as ARGE and UNI11566.

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FOGTEC Rail worldwide

Trade-fair appearance

March is an intensive month for participation to relevant international trade fairs. FOGTEC attended Business on Rails in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Asia Pacific Rail in Hong Kong. The Brazilian event demonstrated the new found vitality of the South American market. FOGTEC booth was shared with VDB-German Association of the Railway Industry, IRIS standardization committee and the International Monorail Association, underlining the commitment of FOGTEC to the rail industry, the quality and the future mobility solutions. In Hong Kong, FOGTEC also presented a seminar for active fire protection solutions for high speed trains and metros, focusing on the benefits for operators. With the participation to Asia Pacific Rail in Hong Kong, FOGTEC confirms its strong commitment towards the Asian markets.

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FOGTEC Water Mist for the Asiatic Society


FOGTEC technology is protecting with automatic high pressure water mist nozzles and wall cabinets several areas of the library of the Asiatic Society in Mumbai, India. The Asiatic Society can trace its origin to the Literary Society of Bombay which first met in Mumbai on November 26, 1804, and was founded by Sir James Mackintosh. The library of the Society has over a hundred thousand books out of which 15,000 are classified as rare and valuable. It also has priceless artifacts and over 3,000 ancient manuscripts in Persian, Sanskrit and Prakrit, mostly on paper but some on palm leaf.

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