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March 2017

  • Protection of Palazzo delle Poste
  • FOGTEC Pick-Up
  • TUSI - Project Tunnel Safety

Palazzo delle Poste

Trieste, Italy

The beautiful Renaissance style palace, built at the end of the 19th century with a 90 meter long front prospect, today houses the headquarters of Trieste postal services. FOGTEC technology protects both the archive area on the ground floor of the building and the wooden rafters of the attic area with a high pressure pump unit, dedicated automatic nozzles in each area, dry section valves.


Cologne, Germany

FOGTEC launched its new pick-up truck being a highly effective and though manoeuvrable first responder vehicle. The heart of the vehicle is a water mist and foam pump unit combined with a 500 l water tank. Up to three handheld FOGGUNS can be operated simultaneously. Beside three different water mist spray patterns low and medium expansion foam can be chosen by the operator. The concept car is designed for the use in narrow streets, garages, off road and remote areas.

(c) Paul-Georg Meister_pixelio

TUSI - Project Tunnel Safety


FOGTEC is part of a research project which is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. It was initiated by the renowned Montan-University Loeben and its goal is to establish an approved qualification training for raising the safety in infrastructure with a particular focus on underground constructions. FOGTEC provides its expertise in active firefighting in tunnels and high pressure water mist technology.

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