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June 2019

  • Protection of the Disco in the Kornhaus in Freiburg Germany
  • FOGTEC system for the protection of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna
  • Further FOGTEC Systems for the consortium of CRRC and EDI Downer


Disco in the Kornhaus

Freiburg, Germany

The Kornhaus in Freiburg, is a historical building first built in 1498 at the Freiburg Münsterplatz. For the Reichstag in 1498, convened by the Roman-German King and later Emperor Maximilian I, larger rooms were needed for the King's retinue and its meetings. This is why the Kornhaus was rebuilt as a dance and festival hall. When the former Augustinian Hermit Church was used as a municipal theatre in 1823, the granary was used to store grain for grain trading. This led to its present name. It was rebuilt in 1884 and the upper floors were turned into a ballroom with a capacity of 550 people at the suggestion of associations and citizens. The building was destroyed to its foundations during the bombing raids in November 1944. The reconstruction in the historical form finally took place in 1970, whereby the interior was adapted to the new requirements. The restoration after a roof truss fire in 2000 finally restored the outer form in the historical style. In the 1st basement, changes of use and conversion measures are now being carried out. In addition to the actual meeting place with bar and dance floor, FOGTEC also protects partial areas such as a cloakroom with a high pressure water mist system (HPWM). Detection is carried out with a automatic wet system. Automatic nozzles use a heat-sensitive glass bulbs as built-in detection/activation device. By exposure to heat, the glass bulb bursts and activates the nozzle as well as the pump system. Special challenges here are the optimal laying of the pipes and the positioning of the nozzles, since an already existing, modern ventilation system is installed on the ceiling.


FOGTEC system for the protection of the University of Applied Arts

Vienna, Austria

Our Austrian partner KGT Gebäudetechnik has installed a FOGTEC system for the protection of the entire University of Applied Arts in Vienna, including the historic attic. The building was erected in 1868 and today consists of a historical as well as a modern part of the building. The university covers visual and media art, architecture and other applied arts such as graphic design, industrial design or fashion design. The integration of the FOGTEC system has been challenging, particularly for protection of the atrium within the building. Due to the high cooling effect of water mist the requirement for fire rating of the glass facades could be compensated and standard glass could be utilized.


Further FOGTEC Systems for the consortium of CRRC and EDI Downer

Sydney, Australia

The consortium composed of CRRC Changchun and Downer EDI will provide further 17 double-deck trains for the Australian market and deliver them to Sydney. The fire alarm system will be FOGTEC series 7000. This series is based on the fume-suction-systems, which are specifically developed for the railway sector and are already used in Australia for many years. FOGTEC is worldwide the only supplier for specific railvehicle solutions, who provides comprehensive EN45545-2 suitable fume-suction-systems.

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