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July 2017

  • Protection for one of the eldest hotels in Europe
  • FOGTEC completes homologation according to UNI11565
  • First project with the leading diagnostic vehicle supplier

Schwarzer Bock

High pressure water mist system for hotel “Schwarzer Bock”

Wiesbaden, Germany

Opened in 1486, the hotel „Schwarzer Bock“ in Wiesbaden is the eldest grand hotel in Europe listed as a historical building. All rooms and public areas are furnished with a modern and exclusive design. For fire protection, a high pressure water mist system will be installed, protecting all hotel rooms, corridors, restaurants and other areas. The installation is carried out under full operation of the hotel. The high pressure water mist system protects all six floors of the building. The hotel will be equipped with the latest technology by FOGTEC, such as VdS-certificated nozzle systems, site-welded plastic tanks and battery smart packs for the supply of the ancillary units.

Italien Flagge

FOGTEC completes the homologation according to UNI11565


The FOGTEC high pressure water mist system has completed the assessment process according to the Italian standard UNI11565 for fire protection systems in rolling stock application. The assessment process consists of full-scale fire tests on vehicle mock-ups, with different fire loads reproducing liquid and luggage fire. The assessment process was carried out in partnership with Italian Indipendent Safety Assessor Italcertifer and the testing laboratories LAPI (Italy) and IFAB (Germany), as well as with the local sales and service partner Eurogamma. The overall assessment comprises three different system layouts, for saloon area, double deck coaches and small compartments. The successful accomplishment of this important milestone confirms again the high quality of the FOGTEC products, as well as its flexibility to adapt to different testing specifications and local regulations. Eventually, it is another step ahead in the important Italian market, after the successful certification of the maintenance staff from the ANSF, the Italian Railway Safety Authority, given to FOGTEC and Eurogamma staff.

First project with leading diagnostic vehicle supplier MERMEC


FOGTEC was awarded by MERMEC, the leading supplier for special vehicles for track diagnostics, of supply the fire detection system for one train for the export market. FOGTEC provided the reliable, cost-effective and field proven product series 1000, which has been proven successfully in hundreds of applications in special vehicles and locomotives, as only fire detection solution as well as in combination with various firefighting technologies.

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