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January 2020

  • VUmc Hospital Amsterdam
  • Update "Alte Maelzerei"
  • Intersec Dubai
  • Fire tests regarding the SUVEREN research project


FOGTEC System for the VUmc Hospital

Amsterdam, Netherlands

FOGTEC was chosen to deliver together with its partners Saval and Acis the installation of a FOGTEC high pressure water mist system to protect the VUmc University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. We are proud to be an integral part of the engineering and system integration team to lift fire safety to the highest level with delivery of the largest high pressure water mist project in the Netherlands. The system will be installed while the medical centre is operational, thus installation works will be carried out while patients, doctors and students are within the building. Special installation concepts have been developed to ensure as little interference as possible to the normal processes in the hospital. Smallest pipe sizes and water supply equipment eases the system’s retrofit to the building. Once installed, the FOGTEC system will ensure safe evacuation conditions and protection of valuable assets in case of fire. We are excited about this challenging project and are looking forward to further water mist system opportunities in the Netherlands.


Project "Alte Maelzerei"

Berlin, Germany

In June 2018 we reported on the listed building “Alte Maelzerei” (English "Old Malthouse") in Berlin, which will be equipped with a Firefighting concept including an UPS system during a complete reconstruction. The Installation, carried out by FOGTEC, is in its final stages. In former times the Old Malthouse was used for the production of malt for the industrial production of beer. After the reconstruction there will be a combination of gastronomy, commerce and leisure offerings. This concept was developed together with the owner and the historic monuments protection authority.


FOGTEC at the Intersec Exhibition

Dubai, UAE

This year FOGTEC again exhibited at the Intersec exhibition show in Dubai. With around 1,200 exhibitors from 60 countries, the event continues to be the most important industry meeting in the Middle East. During the exhibition, many interesting discussions were held about market developments and projects with our customers, partners and interested parties. We thank all partners and customers for visiting our booth.


SUVEREN Research Project

Second round of the fire tests executed

FOGTEC has together with the "Institute for applied fire safety research" (IFAB) from Berlin successfully executed the second round of fire tests as part of the SUVEREN research project. During this series, a number of fire tests with Lithium Ion Batteries were carried out. The ignition was realised by simulating an overcharge of the batteries.

The test series included several free-burn tests; moreover, a number of fire tests with different firefighting technologies were carried out, including the use of water mist, sprinkler, gas and aerosol systems. At the same time various fire detection technologies were tested. The highly motivated team of researchers is currently evaluating the results which will be published in due course. Please check out and for more information about the project.

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