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January 2018

  • Fire Protection for the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Safety for Railway Maintenance Vehicles
  • Visit us at FeuerTRUTZ 2018 in Nuremberg

German Federal Bank

Fire Protection for Deutsche Bundesbank

The firefighting system at the German Federal Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) in Mainz will be renewed as part of the restoration of the entire buildings’ technical equipment. FOGTEC recently started the installation of the high pressure water mist system, which will be carried out while the existing building is in full operation. Because of the structure of the building, different kinds of systems will be installed: 2 sections of the building will be equipped with pre-action systems, 2 sections with deluge systems and 4 sections will be equipped with dry pipe systems because of the risk of freezing in these areas. FOGTEC is also providing a pump unit, a water storage tank of more than 80 m3, and the fire extinguishing control system.

Maintenance Vehicles

for Underground Railway Systems

Maintenance vehicles continue to be an increasing part of the railway business worldwide, requiring much specific knowledge and flexible technology. Just before Christmas, FOGTEC supplied and equipped such special railway vehicles in Berlin and Warsaw. Awarded in November by the Metro Warsawa, FOGTEC supplied fire detection and fire fighting systems for the protection of the diesel engines in seven special maintenance vehicles. These systems were installed and commissioned by FOGTEC's Partner El Cab Sp. z.o.o., right on time one day before Christmas. Also, in Berlin the track cleaning vehicles will be protected with FOGTEC technology. The latest development of "Berliner Saugbagger Betriebe" is a newly developed suction dredge. It will be equipped with the well-known water mist technology for protecting both the filter units and the dust and dirt accumulation bin.

FeuerTRUTZ 2018

February 21-22, Nuremberg

Again FOGTEC will exhibit at the "FeuerTRUTZ", one of the largest German trade fairs for preventive fire protection. Visit our team at booth no. 523 in hall 10.1 and find out more about smart opportunities and applications of high pressure water mist systems.

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