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January 2017

  • FOGTEC protects Spanish Congress Palace in Madrid
  • Second call-off order for Talent 3 Platform
  • Two successful system activations in the Dartford Tunnel in 2016

Fire protection in historical buildings

Spanish Congress Palace

The Spanish Congress Palace building in Madrid was built in 1850 and is rated as a historical heritage building. The FOGTEC system protects all offices, corridors, public spaces and auditoriums. Further the historic wooden attic structure is secured by the FOGTEC system. The FOGTEC installation into the parliament building in Madrid is still ongoing and carried out under full operation of the building.

(c) Bombardier

Talent 3 Platform

Stuttgart, Germany

Recently FOGTEC Rail Systems listed the second call-off order of the new Talent Platform. The new trains are planned for the area around Stuttgart where the new central station “Stuttgart 21” is built. The system has been developed for the passenger areas and consists of a fire detection and active firefighting system. In total 43 vehicles will be equipped.

In case of emergency

Dartford Crossing

After having suffered a fire in July 2016, a second fire was reported in the Dartford Tunnel in September last year. The fire in a passenger car was detected by the incident detection system, the FOGTEC water mist system was activated directly thereafter. The full scale tested water mist system was activated on a total length of 75m, divided into 3 x 25m long sections. Thanks to the quick deploy of the system, no people were injured in this event. The fire brigade was able to enter the tunnel and reach the fire without any difficulties. The tunnel was reopened for traffic already in less than 90 minutes after the fire has started, and no fundamental damages were noticed in the tunnel. As in the previous fire in July 2016 the water mist has again worked perfectly, preventing damage to the tunnel and leading to a high availability of the infrastructure and a quick re-opening of the tunnel for traffic.

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