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February 2019

  • Series 5000 for Slovenia
  • Battery-driven pump system
  • SUVEREN fire test preparations entering final stage
  • Successful tender from Poland

SUVEREN fire test preparations entering final stage


At the end of this month the research project SUVEREN reaches another important milestone. Real-scale fire tests with lithium-ion batteries will be executed in eastern Germany. One main analyse will be a thermal runaway in which the inside of a battery heats up and nearby cells get ignited which can lead to a chain reaction. During such fires flammable and toxic gases are set free, like hydrofluoric acid. All these emissions will be captured in terms of consistence and volume during the tests. The test program includes further experiments with different fire fighting and fire detection technologies. Mock-ups of modern passenger cars with conventional as well as new energy carriers will be used during the tests.

Order for Slovenia

Stadler Flirt Platform

The successfully int SIL-System 5000 series will protect 5 diesel multiple units (DMU) and 11 electric multiple units (EMU) of the Stadler Flirt Platform in Slovenia also. The fire detection and firefighting system will be installed in passenger and technical areas. Within this project the 5000 series proves its advantage as a flexible platform solution. The design is based on compatibility between the DMU- and EMU-vehicles and additionally the new Stadler KISS-platform.

Battery-driven pump system

Power Packs and USV

In 2017 FOGTEC developed an innovative power unit which drives the pump units independently from electricity network. The battery packs ensure an operation time of 30, 60 or 90 minutes based on the system-requirements.  The power units can be a reasonable supplement to the local grid and can prevent the installation of further power sources like additional power cables, emergency backup generators or transformers. A growing number of clients decide for this modern pump system, for example the residential care home Mariacron Velburg (Germany) or the industrial plant of Südzucker Rain. The system is installed in an underground car park in Frankfurt (Germany), where high pressure pumps are driven by a battery pack.

Nouvelle commande de Pologne

Regional trains

In the context of the largest tender for regional trains in Poland so far, FOGTEC received an order for 71 vehicles. The system is based on fire detection and includes a self-sufficient high pressure water mist system for the toilets. Delivery starts in March 2019.

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