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August 2020

  • FOGTEC technology protects the coating line of the new Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai
  • How warm does it get in a tunnel smoke extraction duct when a water-mist FFFS is activated?
  • Pilatus rack railway: Swiss tourist attraction to be equipped with FOGTEC fire detectors
  • Renewed certification for FOGTEC in IRIS audit

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai

Further expansion of e-mobility in China

China is pursuing a massive expansion of electric mobility and is already the world's largest market for vehicles powered by new energies. New registrations exceeded one million for the first time in 2018. Registrations for petrol-driven vehicles in large cities are only auctioned at high prices, which often involves years of waiting time.

The construction of the new Gigafactory in Shanghai for around two billion dollars is therefore one of Tesla's most important current projects. Local production saves Tesla from having to transport its vehicles from overseas - and avoids import duties. Our FOGTEC water mist technology secures the painting line of the new production facility.

 Tunnel Entrauchungskanal

How warm does it get in a tunnel smoke extraction duct when a water-mist FFFS is activated?

Results from the SOLIT² research project

For the first time a water-mist FFFS was tested in full scale fire tests with a semi-transverse ventilation within the SOLIT2 research project. The aim was to determine how the smoke extraction system behaves with an activated FOGTEC system and what temperatures occur in the exhaust air shaft. A special test set-up with appropriate measuring technology was installed to record the temperatures. In the tunnel of the Spanish Test Institute TST, the ventilation system is only dimensioned for a fire size with a heat release rate of 30 MW. Fire tests of up to 150 MW were carried out with an activated water-mist FFFS.

Please find here further information and results.


Wonders of technology

The steepest rack railway in the world

The Pilatusbahn has been climbing the summit of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland since 1889, overcoming incredible gradients of up to 48 percent. This is made possible by an ingenious construction with two horizontally rotating cogwheels, the only one of its kind in the world.

For this unique tourist attraction, FOGTEC is equipping nine railcars from the manufacturer Stadler with fire alarm technology of the 1000 series. FOGTEC thus repeatedly proves that our fire alarm systems provide reliable and economical solutions for the most diverse types of trains with all their special features.

IRIS neu

Successful IRIS re-certification

Once again, the high standard of quality and process safety was confirmed by the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) audit. Thus, FOGTEC continues to be the only fire protection company worldwide to be certified according to this particularly demanding standard, which goes far beyond the requirements of ISO 9001. Good for the customers of FOGTEC. We thank and congratulate the entire FOGTEC team!

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