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August 2018

  • The understage area at “Stage Theatre” in Hamburg is protected by FOGTEC high pressure water mist technology
  • Fire Protection Glazing with PYRAN®SFOG offers high safety with a high degree of freedom in architectural design
  • Articles published in India regarding fire protection for rolling stock applications

König der Löwen

Behind the Scenes

Fire protection for “Stage Theatre at Hamburg harbour”

The modern theatre is the home of the famous Disney Broadway musical “The Lion King”, which has been running successfully for many years now. The construction of the theatre hall is extraordinary, because all of the 2,030 seats have a short distance to the stage (no more than 25 meters). The performance has a high visual impact because of its special effects which are made possible through stage technology such as hydraulic platforms and lifts that enable actors and equipment to enter and leave the stage through the stage floor, and a large remote-controlled artificial rock. The machinery for the understage area was specially designed for this event, and places high demands on the fire protection concept. A FOGTEC high pressure water mist system protects the high-class technology as well as all actors, staff and the audience. The fire protection concept was developed and approved in close cooperation with the fire brigade of Hamburg.



Efficient Protection for Fire Protection Glazing with Water Mist

Design options for engineering offices and architects are often limited by the ever-increasing fire protection regulations and strict requirements regarding the construction or retrofitting of buildings. For this, the PYRAN®SFOG System, developed in cooperation with the company SCHOTT AG, permits transparent, architecturally sophisticated and yet cost-effective solutions for constructional fire protection. The lightweight, but at the same time efficient PYRAN®S glass, provides an effective protection against the spread of fire and smoke, however, the thermal radiation emanating from a fire will still pass through the glass. Such thermal radiation is shielded by the FOGTEC water mist curtain, so high levels of safety are provided and the escape routes near the fire protection glazing become safe for use. Applications with high demands on fire protection, such as atria, museums, archives, hospitals or clean rooms, and buildings with large glass constructions or glass facades, like airports or office buildings, are particularly likely to gain benefits from the use of this system.


Below, you can find two articles published in Indian magazins in August 2018:

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