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April 2019

  • FOGTEC Partner Meeting 2019
  • Protection of the MEHR! Theater in Hamburg
  • New Video on the FOGTEC YouTube Channel


FOGTEC Partner Meeting 2019

Cologne, Germany

FOGTEC hosted a seminar for its international partners from the 08th to the 10th of April in Cologne. 25 participants coming from 16 European and Middle Eastern countries and Australia met at FOGTEC´s premises in Cologne. Presentations were given on realized projects informing the group of the challenges faced and solutions found during project development. Further topics were explored in different workshops, spotlighting specific areas of technology and technical updates.

We thank our partners for their great cooperation.

Mehr! Theater1400x800

Protection of the Mehr! Theater

Hamburg, Germany

The Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt in Hamburg is a multifunctional theatre opened in March 2015. The theatre is integrated into the listed market hall built in 1962. With a capacity of 3,500 spectators, the Mehr! Theater is the largest theater in Hamburg to date and the only theater that has been built into an existing grocery store. The pure theatre construction took about 18 months and is a nice example for the conversion of functional monuments protection architecture. Ceiling heights of around 20 metres and a ceiling structure made of prestressed concrete arches give the theatre a unique atmosphere. Tour musicals such as "We Will Rock You" and "Dirty Dancing" were already being performed here in 2015, and "Harry Potter", among others, will be performed from 2020. FOGTEC has developed and is currently installing a high-pressure water mist system for the entire balcony (Series 1-11). Special challenges here are, for example, the installation of the fire-fighting system with specially manufactured floor lowering nozzles, which have to be implemented architecturally in the rows of seats. The design of the fire alarm system / fire detection is an additional challenge. The high pressure water mist system is triggered by a heat sensor cable. For double protection, a fully automatic triggering via fire alarm system or a manual triggering is provided.


New video in April from FOGTEC's video series

FOGTEC YouTube Channel

With our monthly video series we want to give you an insight into FOGTEC’s work and our experience of fire fighting systems over the years. After the arrival of the fire brigade during a tunnel fire, the fixed fire suppression system will stay activated. This will help the fire brigade to safely extinguish the fire. As shown in this month’s video, the fire is starting to grow again after the FFFS had been deactivated. Therefore FOGTEC recommends keeping the system activated even after the fire brigade arrives. With our long experience in fire tests, FOGTEC has a huge database on which to draw for designing fire fighting systems for custom-made solutions. Be sure to subscribe and be alerted each time about the new video release every month!

Please visit the FOGTEC YouTube channel

You can find the video here.

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