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October 2016

(c) Stadler Rail AG

Stadler FLIRT3 Platform

Complete fire protection solution from FOGTEC

Stadler Bussnang AG awarded FOGTEC to deliver the fire protection system for the new FLIRT3 platform, represented by the first contract with 5 vehicles for Valle d’Aosta (Italy). These vehicles will get the newest fire detection system based on FOGTEC 3000+ series with complete SIL2 assessment (software / hardware) and a fire suppression system based on all 3 core technologies from FOGTEC: High pressure water mist in passenger areas and toilets, gas extinction in the power converters and aerosol generators in the diesel motor areas.
Valle d’Aosta project will be the first complete SIL2 system (software and hardware) from FOGTEC to Stadler with first commissioning expected in early 2017.
Additionally to this first contract, a second batch of 8 trains for TexRail (USA) will be covered by FOGTEC Fire detection system similar to Valle d’Aosta. In this case FOGTEC is considering the "Buy American"- requirements with a final assembly in cooperation with KnorrBrake Company  in Westminster, Maryland.

FOGTEC systems for hospitals

Fire protection with high pressure water mist

Due to special hazards, fire safety in hospitals already today has a high priority. Nevertheless, in some cases there still are constructional or organizational shortcomings which can be compensated by a FOGTEC system. The cooling effect of the water mist improves the rescue of patients and staff. Further the system suppresses the propagation of the fire. Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, the substantially reduced water usage protects the structure of the building and the costly technical equipment during the water mist discharge. As a result water damages are minimized and the fire services have an easier approach to the fire.

Update: Opening of hospital in Baden (Austria) with FOGTEC system

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