Fogtec - Fire Protection

Meet the FOGTEC Team - Today: Markus Metzler, Product Manager NEC


  • How long have you been working at FOGTEC and what did you do before?

I started at FOGTEC in November 2021 and, to my delight, I was well received and supported by all my colleagues right from the start.

I studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen. Via the design and sales of air heater systems for industry, I came to the support of temperature measurement technology in the Ruhr area. After this experience I came to battery technology. Here I planned special projects and railroad applications.

  • What are your main tasks at FOGTEC?

As Product Manager New Energies, I am responsible for fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems in the field of New Energy Carriers. At the moment, these are mainly applications related to Li-ion batteries.

In this position, I am, among other things, the contact person for our system partners, the link between development and sales, and I supervise fire tests for the optimization and validation of our systems.

  • What opportunities and risks do you see in the NEC sector?

The field of new energies offers the opportunity to drive the energy transition to renewable energies. For example, energy storage, solar and wind energy can be used throughout the day as well as contributing to the stabilization of the power grid. For many purposes, an e-mobile is a good alternative to conventional vehicles with combustion engines.

But it also entails modified risks. Using the example of an e-car, we can see that fire behavior differs. Likewise, there is a new risk during the charging phase. During this time, the battery is exposed to additional stress, during which the vehicle is mostly unattended. This favors rapid fire development. To prevent the fire from spreading to other vehicles or the surrounding area, it must be kept under control as quickly as possible. High-pressure water mist has proven to be a very effective means of doing this. The finest droplets result in extremely good cooling, which can very effectively prevent the spread of fire.

Additionally, since only a small amount of water is used for this purpose, I am convinced that it is an excellent firefighting tool.

  • Has there been a special project in the time you have been at FOGTEC?

I am already involved in projects with corresponding fire tests. These are currently taking place and will certainly be implemented in further fire protection concepts in the future.

  • Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to conclude by saying that it is an exciting time for me with many new impressions and experiences. The topic of NEC will continue to develop and it will therefore remain interesting.

The FOGTEC Team introduces itself - Today: Tim Usner, Tunnel Sales

My name is Tim Usner, I am 30 years young and have lived in Cologne for over 10 years. I am a native of Bonn, so I have always remained true to the Rhineland. I live in the west of Cologne, together with my little daughter and my partner.
I started at FOGTEC at the beginning of 2018, so I've been working at the company for about 4 years now.
Before that, I worked as a stand construction planner and consultant at the Cologne trade fair company. This is also where I completed my training as an event management assistant. However, as I wanted to focus my career more technically, I decided to study to become a fire protection engineer. I started this in 2014 and completed it at the beginning of 2018. The basic study program for fire protection engineering at the TH Köln is based on a mechanical engineering degree and then becomes more specialized. In addition to subjects such as chemistry, physics and mathematics, knowledge of firefighting tactics, pressure calculation and extinguishing techniques is taught.

When I'm not sitting at work or playing with my daughter, I like to tinker with my 20-year-old motor home. Camping has been a big hobby since I was a teenager and has always been my favorite way to vacation. Otherwise, you can meet me at the soccer field at least once a week.

At FOGTEC I am responsible for the technical sales of firefighting systems for tunnels. We have a very international customer base, so speaking a lot of English is essential. A typical day at work for me consists of the initial design of high pressure water mist systems for a new project, preparing quotes for a customer or preparing my next presentation at a trade fair or congress.

In addition to my work as a sales engineer, I was also able to handle my first project at FOGTEC (the Hugh Carey Tunnel in New York). While project management was not new territory for me, such a large international project was. The project is nearing completion and has been very successful for me as well as for our client and end customer. It is appealing to manage such a large project on my own and it definitely made me want to do more projects!

At FOGTEC, we also try to support each other across departments. So the field of work is broadly diversified. That and the international orientation of the company mean that the job offers exciting tasks. In addition, we have very short official channels, which means that decisions can often be made quickly and helps with the sales work.

If you were to ask me what I would like to see in the future?
I think it would be great if there was a form of community service again. Compulsory for everyone - regardless of gender - after school! For me at least, civilian service has had a very positive influence.