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June 2016

  • FOGTEC protects the Beijing New Archive in China
  • FOGTEC will develop a fire protection system for the new Stadler Pankow underground train in Berlin
  • From Europe to Asia - a FOGTEC system will be installed in the Marmary Tunnel (Istanbul)
  • The arrangements for Innotrans 2016 get up to speed. Visit our booth No. 512 in hall 5.2!

Bejing New Archive

40.000 m2 of Prestige

Beijing New Archive is a major project of Beijing city, which has applied for the renowned LuBan Prize. It is constructed in order to reflect the Capital of Beijing city as the political and cultural center, international exchange center as well as science and innovation center. The construction of Beijing New Archive is estimated to be completed in early 2017. The building is erected on about 4.3 hectare and the total building area is 118.000 m2
The FOGTEC water mist system is designed to protect the diesel generator room, IT areas and archive areas in 2 underground floors and in 10 floors above ground. The total area which will be protected by the water mist system is around 40.000 m2.


Tram protection in Berlin

Public infrastructure in German capital

FOGTEC will develop a fireprotection-system for the new Stadler Pankow underground train which will be used by the operator of the subway in Berlin. The client decided to install a smoke aspiration system which was already very successful in former orders in Stuttgart and several prototypes. The FOGTEC aspiration system exclusively is EN45545 certificated which is a unique feature in the market.


From Europe to Asia

Fire Protection for the Marmaray Tunnel

The Marmaray Tunnel is one of the major traffic pathways in Istanbul and connects Europe with Asia. FOGTEC technology protects the technical areas on both sides (İbrahimaga and Yedikule).
In the technical areas generators and transformers are individually protected and are equipped with own pump systems. In addition the control rooms are protected by the system. The system is closely linked to the fire detection system.

More about fire protection in Tunnels



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